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An invitation to your Social Life

Seenvite will be a place where users can invite others to shows, meetups, events, and more. We are creating a network where events are centralized and easily discoverable, and where access to those events are just a click away. You can add your friends! Follow your favorite businesses! You can use Seenvite to get your social life to fit you better, to discover more, and to meet more people that share your interests! Seenvite intends to improve how people discover events, and we want to make it easier to invite friends to attend those events.

We plan to let our users build a network of Friends, Event Promoters, Business Owners, Celebrities, and more. A user can see the activity of everyone they follow on their news feed, as well as share content of their own to their friends and followers. This makes buying, selling, and promoting tickets easy and affordable. Seenvite is currently under construction and is due to launch this Summer. Subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage to be the first to use the website that plans to improve the REAL social world!